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Direct-Response Copywriting – Cursing Or No Cursing?

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One of the most unique and effective things about direct-response copywriting is its conversational nature.

But sometimes people take this “conversational” informality, too far.

For instance, yesterday I was having a conversation with a client of mine. We were going over some of the details of their marketing campaign, including the copy they used. And what they shared with me was very revealing.

After about 30 seconds, I was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on, and why their promotion didn’t work. Since I suspect this client and his partner aren’t the only ones who are making this mistake, I figured I’d share it with you, too.

Now before I get into this more specifically, let me also share something with you about marketing, and about writing copy. The best copy is written in a specific “voice” that belongs to a real or perceived to be real person. It might be your voice… it might be the voice of one of your satisfied customers or clients… and it may even be a doctor or a scientist’s voice – or even the voice of one of your family members.

But regardless of whose voice it is, it’s very important that whatever you’re saying in your promotion, is consistent and congruent with the character that’s speaking. So for instance, if the promotion is from your “wife” and she’s talking to your prospects about how hard you’ve been working on creating this specific product, and then she suddenly starts talking in industry jargon’ this isn’t going to be believable. Your marketing in this case, won’t be very credible, and it’s not likely to be an effective selling formula you should use.

Consistency is important, so keep this in mind.

But now let’s get back to the effectiveness of “conversational” sales copy, and I’ll do this by using myself as an example. I grew up in an apartment housing project in the Bronx. And although I’ve left a lot of those habits, as well as the general thinking of the people who are raised there, behind me’ one thing I still have, is a potty mouth.

I curse – sometimes a lot. However, if you’ve ever heard me speak on a teleseminar or on stage, you’d never know this. And of course, I don’t curse around women and children. But get me in a crowd of guys’ or one on one in a comfortable atmosphere, and BAM! Like a sailor, it comes pouring out.

Keep this in mind for just a second, and now let’s get back to my client and his promotion that didn’t work. He starts telling me that in his sales letter he was really edgy. He was dropping f-bombs and cursing throughout the letter, to try and get his prospect’s attention and to make a point.

Let me say something about this. Over the last 10 years I have written several million words and sold probably a few times this amount in dollar value of goods and services – maybe more, who knows.

And I will tell you something you may find surprising, especially in light of what I just said a few moments ago about my potty mouth: I have never EVER used a curse word in any sales letter I’ve ever written, either for myself, or for a client.


The answer is simple. See, when it comes to spending money, your prospects are dead serious about what they’re doing. They want to know one thing, and one thing only: that you are 100% committed to making their experience a memorable one, and that you are as serious as they are, when it comes to their money.

They don’t care if you have a good sense of humor, and they don’t care how ballsy you are, and they certainly don’t want to hear foul language from someone they never even met before, especially someone who wants their money.

A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it in print.

So save the four-letter words for you and the boys when you’re having a few beers, but be a first-class act, ALWAYS, when it comes to your prospects. Direct-response copywriting should be “real,” but not real loud… or real cheesy.

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Pirates of MLM Network Marketing! Don’t Let Them Rob Your Dreams! Part 2

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This is part 2 of this 2 part article series so if you didn’t read part 1, I suggest you do. In part 1 go into great detail of what and who the first pirate of MLM network marketing is, and how to prevent it from robbing your dreams and success online.

So back to the topic of MLM network marketing pirates. Like I said in part one, most people start their business with large dreams of the lifestyle they will be living. But for 97% of those people, their dreams eventually turning into frustration, discouragement, sadness, doubt and they no longer even think about the dreams they once had at the beginning of their career. So who are these MLM network marketing pirates who steal your dreams and your, chances of success and how do you prevent that from happening to you? Well we already went over the first MLM network marketing pirate and how to prevent it from stealing your dreams and chances of success. So what is the other pirate of MLM network marketing?

The second pirate is the people you surround yourself with. Most people don’t take this pirate seriously, but it is actually the most dangerous and it the biggest threat to you and your business. Who do you spend most of your time with? Do they support you and what you’re doing or do they talk negatively about their experience or what they heard? Are the people you surround your self with going in the same direction you are with your life? All these questions are questions you should be asking yourself because if you decide to surround yourself with not just negative people, but who don’t agree with what your doing or are not headed in the same direction you are in life, then you are you own worst enemy. If your dreams could talk they would ask you, “who side are you on?” You may say and think hanging around the wrong crowd doesn’t effect you because you are focused and know what you want, but it does. An this is how this pirate of MLM network market operates and why 97% of the time it succeeds in stealing dreams and making people fail. Like I said before, most people don’t take this pirate seriously, surrounding themselves with people they shouldn’t and continuously having the wrong seeds planted in their sub conscious mind. So how do you stop this pirate? Simple. Think about people who are successful and who you admire in your life and start spending time with them. Surround yourself with this people constantly. Pick their brain, see how they operate. If you have no one in you life like that, that is headed in the same direction you are, then join social networking clubs or read personal development book or auto biography’s of people. Reading someones book is like having an actual conversation with them. These is the same as surrounding yourself yourself with like minded people in person. Doing this with actually make you begin to think like and develop the habits of these success people. Also plug into training calls, webinars and events. These are other ways to surround yourself with the right people and keep the second MLM network marketing pirate from stealing your dreams and your online success. Don’t under estimate this pirate. Do some of the things I suggested in the article and your success in your MLM network marketing business is guaranteed.

The two MLM network marketing pirates described in these 2 part article are very real. So you must be aware of them and do things to prevent them some stealing your dreams and success in your MLM network marketing business. Never let your guards down and persist until you reach your goals. Doing this and becoming successful won’t be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it.

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Setting Up an Online Direct Sales Business is an Art

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Tough economic times often present us with opportunities that we might never have thought to pursue. Faced with losing a job or a career on account of economic cutbacks can pose some interesting challenges. But we need not be in despair over these challenges if we can recognized that opportunities abound for us in the online world. If nothing else, we can learn how to set up an online direct sales business in order to begin making money online.

As with offline brick and mortar businesses, setting up an online direct sales business involves planning and a viable business model. There’s an art to setting up a successful online direct sales operation. If your business model includes buying and reselling drop-shipped wholesale products, then you need to become aware of the pros and cons of running such a business online. There are sources for information which can help to lessen the time necessary in order to get you up and running without wasting your time and energy.

The mistake that many people make in the beginning is dealing with a disreputable dealer. There are wholesale product distributors out there whose sole function is to prey on people who are desperate to begin selling products online. The problem is: they’ll end up charging you more than what other marketers are receiving their products for, and the end result is that you’ll end up not making much, if any, profit for all your hard efforts. This scenario is something that you will want to avoid.

One of the most popular business models is that of the eBay reseller. There’s plenty of money to make on eBay. In order to become a successful reseller on eBay, you need to know how to accomplish a few things. Like: simple methods for getting around a supplier’s minimum order quantities; exactly how to deal with suppliers in order to get what you want; how to get your products for up to 80% below wholesale prices; and how to start with no money or products to sell.

There’s a lot to learn, but it need not be painful. If you know what to do ahead of time in order to set your business up properly in the first place, then you are miles ahead of other people who don’t even have a clue! The key to success is obtaining a mentor who will help show you how to set up your business for maximum profits. Your mentor will show you how to choose the perfect product to sell. He will teach you which products will bring you the largest profit margins. He’ll educate you how not to get ripped off by the many con artists there are out there.

With proper guidance and care and the right knowledge and education to begin with, you can become a successful direct sales entrepreneur online. It won’t always be easy in the beginning; but just like anything else that is worth doing and having, it won’t take you very long to learn the correct way of doing it if you choose the right mentor from the start.

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Internet Marketing Training Course – Is There One Where You Can Learn, Apply and Earn?

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Yes, there is an Internet marketing training course which will enable you to learn, apply and earn at the same time. Too good to be true? I thought so to until I got on board for an unbelievable ride. I am still on it. In fact, what you will get is more than an Internet marketing training course. Why? It is because you will get everything you need to succeed. Let me try and share with you some of what you will get and where you can have it all. Before we move on, its best that we pose some important questions.

First question. Where do you start? You start by learning the essentials. What is it? How does it work? What is the process? What are the pros and cons? What is your role as an Internet Marketer? Any Internet marketing training course that is worth its salt must address these questions at the initial stages.

Next, you must be able to learn what is a niche market and how to choose a niche that pays. Market research is crucial for success. Any Internet marketing training course that does not cover this in depth is suspect. What about products or services to promote? How do you choose? Where can you find the products? Without direction, you will be lost. So many ways to do things. So many methods. Limited time. Direction and focus is the answer. How do you decide which direction to take? Is it paid or free techniques for you?

There is more much more that you should get from an Internet marketing training course. This includes building web pages, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and article writing. Therefore, the least that you should expect from one, is a comprehensive understanding of the essentials. How about an Internet marketing training course that offers you a 10 step action plan for you to soak in the whats, whys and hows of the essentials? Not enough? Consider additional training resources that are added on every day and a dynamic forum that gives you all the help you need.

You should also get more in the form of video tutorials, PDF and others that give as much as you can take. Your challenge? How to find the time to learn and apply all that is offered. Remember that we are talking about an Internet marketing training course that will enable you to learn, apply and earn. All at the same time. How would you be able to achieve this? You do this with all the tools that will be given and needed to make money online. Try and beat that.

Some of the tools that you will get are an easy and quick website builder, a writing tool, a niche market research tool, keyword tool, a complete marketing blueprint, web hosting and, turnkey feeder sites. No kidding. There is so much that you more that you can get provided you pick the right Internet marketing training course. Select one that is more than just an Internet marketing training course. Pick one that offers you what you need to succeed and enjoy the benefits.

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Beginner Forex Trading – Understanding Markets That Move the Forex

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Indexes, currencies and markets – oh my! If you want to be a successful trader, you need to look at the entire spectrum of global markets, not just the ones you currently trade. In some cases, you may find correlation between the currency and the market, and other times you will not. Here’s a brief look at some of the markets that you want to be aware of if you want to build your skills as a Forex trader.

US Dollar Index (USDI)
Virtually all currency pairs are impacted by the US dollar and the US Dollar Index is by definition a futures contract which is traded on the and NYBOT and the FINEX futures market. The USDI is an average of several currencies, but is weighted largely by European currencies:

Euro – 57.6%
British pound – 11.9%
Swedish Korona – 4.2%
Swiss Franc – 3.6%
Japanese Yen – 13.6%
So the USDI is a comparison of the dollar to a basket of other currencies it’s a good idea to track the USD I can watch the technical indicators – regardless of the direction. Currency traders will watch the USDI and will trade for it or against it, depending on the technicals. Use the USDI as a trend or key indicator.

There’s a lot of interesting news about gold these days as the yellow metal has seen quite an increase in value over the last few years. Gold is commonly viewed as a store of wealth and as an inflation fighter. You could therefore look at it as indication of inflation. Also, you can look at it as trending in the opposite direction of the dollar (inverse relationship). Be careful with gold though as the overall market capitalization is pretty small when compared to the Forex market.

Individual stocks act like their own economies, the value of them increasing or decreasing depending on the companies performance, outlook, or previous financial performance. Stocks can also be moved positively or negatively in a rapid fashion due to news releases. Many people have tried to correlate stock performance with currency movement, however there is little evidence to support this correlation. That is not to say that there will be times when the stock markets experience extreme levels of volatility, which may create upward or downward pressure on the USD.

While individual stocks or the stock market are not easily correlated to the Forex market, bonds can be a different story. Because bonds are tied directly to to to interest rates, there is a natural short term correlation that can be seen. It is a good idea to to keep a close view on key interest rates of all major currency countries for as changes to the interest rates can exert some serious pressure on the Forex markets.

Hopefully this article has given you some insights into the potential interrelationships of markets outside the Forex, with some action on your part to look at some of these items and incorporate them into your information gathering processes. Watching other markets economies can really help you to spot opportunities that can turn into trading successes.

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How to Use Email Marketing For MLM Lead Generation

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E-mail Marketing- is the single most important tool in internet marketing for MLM lead generation. This is equivalent to direct mailing online. Many email companies will allow you to send up to 10,000 emails a month for less than $20.

Imagine how much it would cost to send 10,000 letters or postcards. Email most critical part of building your subscriber list.

The Power Of The Opt-In Box

The majority of your visitors that reach your site will not ingest all of your content nor will they buy anything. Why? Because people need to know and trust you or your business before they buy from you.

This results in people needing to see your marketing message (or your content) 4-7 times before purchasing. Repetition then becomes the key.

In the internet marketing world your marketing message is delivered via email. Many people still do not surf the internet as often as the rest of do. Most people however will check their email.

This is where they should find messages from you. However be sure to provide a link back to your website. Never Ever send email without a link back to your website.

They key about email marketing is not only to pre-sell your visitors on your products or services but it also to drive traffic back to your website.

Autoresponders Vs. Broadcasting:

When you first start email marketing you must decide what is the purpose behind your emails and then choose a system to match it. Are you trying to offer current event news and updates or are you trying to sell an eBook or market affiliate programs?

Broadcasting emails service is a service that allows you to blast out emails to your list. These services work particularly well for current news broadcasts. Lets say you have a 1,000 subscribers you type an email hit send and it blasts to your entire list but that’s it for that email.

Autoresponders services like Aweber allow you to pre-write your emails and upload them into your autoresponder with specified time intervals. When someone subscribes to your list they will automatically be sent an email from you. In addition to that they will receive one of your emails at the times intervals that you specified all automatically.

For example lets say you have 24 pre-written emails and your specified interval between delivering emails is every 2 weeks. That means that for every two weeks your customers will be receiving emails from you for the rest of the year.

This also means that whenever someone opts-in they start from the beginning of the process. If “John” opts in today he will start on email number 1, however if “Mary” opted in 6 weeks ago then she would be on email number 3 (emails were sent every 2 weeks). Everyone who opts in starts from the beginning of the process. Most Autroresponder services come with email blasting capabilities so this service will be your best bet.

Text Vs HTML:

A popular question from beginning internet marketers is whether to use text or HTML. First of all what is the difference between text and HTML?

HTML emails are emails that look like little web pages that are delivered straight to your email in box.

Text emails are just that a text email without graphics and just plain text.

Pros of Text Emails:

The beauty of text emails is looks like a message from a friend. If you were to send an email message to a friend it probably wouldn’t be full of graphics and designs.

It would most likely contain just plain text message just as you would text messaging someone on the phone. Another positive factor to text email is that your subscribers are paying attention only too the content since there are no ads or graphics to distract them.

Cons of Text Emails:

They draw back to text is that is may not be as pleasing to the eye as HTML and can become stifling to your readers if your sentences aren’t spaced properly.

Pros of HTML Emails:

The pros of HTML emails is that they are very nice and professional looking. HTML also allows you to offer many products and services in your email message because most HTML emails are designed in section.

Cons of HTML Email:

The biggest drawback to HTML is deliver ability and read ability. Many email filters will not accept HTML emails as they are viewed as spam or many service providers will not allow HTML emails to be opened.

HTML emails also are more commercial looking and are less likely to build a true relationship with your list as a personal text email would. My advice is choose plain text emails they get delivered more often and build relationships easier.

RSS Feeds Vs. Email:

Blogging has become a popular phenomenon in the internet marketing world as marketers use this to present news worthy content. Blogs are read through readers like Google Reader in the forms of RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. This uploads new blog posts to your blog reader.

However the person subscribed to the RSS feed still has to consciously go to their reader to check for any updates. Readers are not as popular and definitely not as habitual as checking emails.

Email on the other hand tends to get read more frequently and are checked more often by your subscribers, which puts more of the marketing control back in your hands. Email marketing out weighs RSS feeds by a long shot.

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Eight Critical Reasons to Start Marketing Your Practice Now!

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1. Your market is always changing. People move. Neighborhoods evolve. If you give up promoting your service, you fall out of touch with those you hope to serve.

2. People forget-fast. Every day, we’re assaulted by information. People filter out all but their priorities, and arrange those on a “ladder to the brain.” A consistent marketing program lands you at the top of that ladder.

3. Marketing strengthens your identity. The service you provide could be superior…and also the community’s best-kept secret! Get yourself out there in your community.

4. Marketing is a potent reminder. No matter how great your service was, unless you regularly maintain contact, out-of-sight becomes out-of-mind.

5. Consistent marketing puts you ahead of the game. Marketing efforts that come and go don’t work. Developing a long-term plan, funding it, sticking with it, pays off.

6. Marketing gives everyone a lift. Employees and existing patients feel good about patronizing a service well known in the community.

7. It’s an obligation! You owe it to your team, your family, and your retirement program to be a success. And that only comes with persistent marketing. It’s not an expense-it’s an investment in your business and your lifestyle.

8. Marketing represents an investment, not an expense. Regular communication with your patients assures loyalty and referrals.

Choosing the plan that’s right for you.

You need to define what you want for yourself: where you are now and where you want to go. You must choose success-it will not just come to you. How much personal time and effort do you want to invest in marketing your services? All the tangibles (newsletters, stationery, advertising) play only a supporting role. The anchor of your marketing plan is also the personal time you invest in your community.

What is your comfort level with marketing?

How do you feel about direct mail…newspaper ads…savings certificates? Do you have a website with good positioning? Do you still have a Yellow Page presence? The important thing is to present your business in a way that reflects your personality-and fits your comfort zone.
Where to Begin?

Marketing any small business may seem-to the owner-like a daunting task. But really it’s a combination of common sense and experience. The worst thing you can do is to put it off until tomorrow.
Marketing Your Practice builds trust and credibility and provides you the platform to help educate, influence, retain and get referrals from your patients.

Please reserve your Priority Code today at our site to be the first to take advantage of our Marketing Programs and join the list – many practitioners are joining the list every day!!

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How to Increase Your Sales by Plugging the Holes in Your Sales and Marketing Strategy!

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When times are good and business is booming sales and marketing strategy plans often take a back seat for most small businesses. There’s too much else to do and if customers are knocking at the door of their own accord and sales targets are being achieved, then researching new, innovative or experimenting with other tried and tested marketing techniques becomes a low priority.

Whilst it is easy for business owners to fall into this trap during the good times, I’ve always been a strong advocate of ‘Don’t Dig Your Well When You’re Thirsty!’

And, of course, we’re not in boom times anymore: in the UK we are still in recession.

When the good times come again (and yes, they are coming according to stock market prediction!) rest assured the businesses who survive are those who have implemented sales and marketing strategies to ensure they are in a strong position to mop up absolutely every prospect and convert as many prospects into sales, paying customers and clients.

Here are my 5 Top Sales and Marketing Strategy Techniques that every business should be considering in their sales and marketing strategy plans for 2010.

#1 – Direct Mail With A Difference!

Jon Goldman, CEO of Lumpy Mail says. “Flat mail yields flat response rates”.

Coming up with innovative, maybe quirky, but ultimately thought provoking and targeted direct marketing strategy mail campaigns can really help get your business in front of the right people who are in a position to buy your product or service.

Forget the boring brochure type of mail-out. It’s just not compelling enough and more often than not, it just gets binned. Get creative in your direct mail shots and target those on your database who you know need your products and services and get their attention!

# 2 Postcards alternative to E Marketing Strategy

What’s great about a postcard is that the recipient doesn’t need to open anything!

Postcard mailing campaigns are also really cost effective and can help to stimulate interest in those people who have been sitting on your database for ages and who have yet to respond to your marketing emails.

They can also be used to drive more traffic to your website. By simply ensuring you have an attractive call to action, enticing people to claim their free report, CD or e-book or something, you’ll soon rekindle the relationship and begin to funnel them into your sales pipeline.

# 3 Sending Thank You Cards

Simply send a greeting card to thank a customer for their business. It is an inexpensive polite gesture that leaves both parties feeling great. It also increases the possibilities for referrals and additional sales.

Have you got this simple process in place for your business? You will be amazed at the results this can bring over time as well as the feel good factor it generates!

# 4 Teleseminars or Webinars

Conducting free, information rich teleseminars or webinars is a great way to reconnect with people on your database as well as recruit fresh prospects to your marketing funnel.

Time is precious and how many people can you catch up with to share your latest industry news in spite of all good intentions of phoning or attending a coffee or lunch meeting?

Running free events via teleseminar or webinar enables you to add value to your contacts by sharing some great content as well as provide you with an opportunity to entice them to buy from you.

# 5 Compelling Testimonials

Putting a process in place to collect powerful testimonials will really help your marketing strategy.

Compelling testimonials can be used in so many ways; in your web copy, in brochures. Consider also recording an interview happy clients. They can be played as audios or sent out via CD to other potential clients.

Consider creative ways to use testimonials to help generate more sales enquiries as well enhancing your conversion rates. Consider also an effective the process of gathering testimonials.

Louise Heasman is a business and marketing consultant and mentor, helping small business owners to transform their businesses from being cash poor, time poor into cash rich time rich ones.

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What to Look For in Choosing a Network Marketing Business?

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Network marketing is extremely powerful because you can make lots of money, have complete freedom and live the life of your dreams! However, there are so many opportunities out there today and new ones are coming up all the time. Most people when they join these opportunities, they get so excited and hyped up that they have the best products and they are going to take over the market. Well, in reality that’s not the case. Thousands and thousands of network marketers fail in this industry – they spend themselves out of business every single day!

So, it becomes difficult for new people to know exactly what to look for in a network marketing business and how to choose the best one. In order to be successful in this type of business, you need to do your due diligence – do your research and look out for the following criteria:

1. Marketing Training: You will need a platform to train you on all the cutting edge marketing techniques both online and offline, if you want to stand any chance in this highly competitive market. You will also need to spend some time on your personal development and growth and learn how to sell your most important asset – YOU. The company should be willing to expand its network marketing capabilities and aim to stay competitive.

2. Marketing System: Marketing is not about your company or your products. It’s about YOU the leader – how you can help others get what they want. You need a system in place to achieve this so you can be successful in the industry. That’s how you’ll make money in network marketing. Without a lead generation system, your business will DIE in its infancy!

3. Business Model: We live in the internet age and you need to grasp the power of internet marketing! Look for the proven business model that you can use on the internet. No more chasing family and friends, cold-calling prospects and buying leads! The internet can really propel your business to the new levels if used properly. There are now some companies out there who actually call your leads for you whilst you focus on the other business building activities – leveraging your time!

4. Compensation Plan: Make sure the compensation plan is something you understand and pays you for actually doing the work. More and more network marketers are now choosing direct sales over MLM. With direct sales, the commissions are much higher and it’s easier to replace a full-time or six-figure income within a short period of time. Choose DIRECT SALES over MLM if you are tired of tiny commissions and want to generate a large income quickly.

5. Residual Income: This is what all entrepreneurs want because it allows them to work hard “today” and help others so that “tomorrow” they can start reaping the rewards. However, it takes an average network marketer 3-5 years to build a real residual income. That’s a long time to build your residual income! So, you can tap into a “Top-Tier” business opportunity which offers a real residual income in a matter of months.

Network marketing is the fastest growing industry, however about 97% of people fail and quit within their first 90 days! In order to see great results and experience network marketing success you should consider the above factors when deciding on a network marketing business.

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The 8 Critical Characteristics Found in the Most Successful Restaurant’s Operations and Marketing

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It’s time for a change! Would you agree? Change can be a difficult thing for most everyone, including restaurant owners, especially during economically challenging times. Yet, if you are not seeing the results that you want to be seeing from the things you are doing… change is what you need to do. Just a bit of change can make a lot of difference. A lot of people make excuses for where they are, but in order to overcome the struggles, you need to climb over the hurdles and take responsibility for your actions. It’s imperative in order to have success. In order to make changes, you need different actions, different thoughts, different resources and different tools. You want fresh food in your restaurant… you need fresh ideas too. Make a fresh start!

TAKE ACTION ON THE RIGHT ACTIVITIES. A great idea without action is just still a an idea. It can not make money for you. Choose one idea to start with and start moving forward with the action. Don’t worry about making a decision; you can always make adjustments. But doing nothing is the usually the worst thing you can do. Learn from your mistakes and make changes. By taking actions on the right activities, you will see success!

INVEST IN, CREATE AND USE SYSTEMS TO REPEAT PROCESSES Don’t do everything yourself. You can delegate duties and measure responses. Make a list of all the things that you spend your time on that recur day-to-day or month-to-month. Pick the ones that use up the most amount of your valuable time. Develop a system and delegate or outsource these things. Base it on how much you want to earn in a year. If someone else can do it at a lesser cost, use that resource. You can’t focus on minimum wage activities (slicing, dicing, chopping) and expect to make big money on the other end. You should be managing the system, not being so wrapped up in the restaurants system that you’re a key part of it.

GUESTS, NOT CUSTOMERS At our restaurants, we want people to feel like family or friends visiting our home and to receive that extreme special warmth of hospitality while there. Stop looking at folks who dine at your restaurant as a one-time transaction, and instead start building an ongoing relationship. When guests have a WOW experience at your restaurant, they will tell at least 5 other people and at least one of them will become a loyal guest. Just that bit of a change from customer to guest can make a huge difference in the way people visiting your restaurant will feel. Your employees will feel the difference as well. Developing this on-going relationship and history keeps your guests wanting to come back to your restaurant.

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS This means for every important part of your business. Your restaurants operations numbers, financials and marketing as well as having a way to measure your guests’ experience will help you know how your restaurant rates. Keep a customer database so you can market to your existing, loyal guests. Reward them for their loyalty and have a feedback system in place to see what your guests are thinking. Let your marketing numbers speak for themselves. Cost can become irrelevant if it brings in more than you’re shelling out!

THE MASTER OF MEMORABLE DINING EXPERIENCES If you are working in the operations of your restaurant to be sure everything flows smoothly, then you are placing yourself into the payroll as another employee. You may have many roles that you do, but you certainly can not make the money that you were expecting to make if you are doing a job that you shouldn’t be doing. You must work ON your business instead of IN your business. Once you are doing that well, you need to create a memorable dining experience. This is more than just experiencing dining. What is a memorable dining experience you may ask? Most likely you yourself have been on the receiving side of this once or twice in your life. It’s when you get that Totally Outrageous Service, that over the top every detail taken care of and the connection with the restaurant and/or their staff. Maybe they toured your children through the restaurant when you and your spouse were dining, maybe it was the spot on service, or the way they made you feel when you were leaving and all you thought about was “I don’t want to go”. It comes in many forms and when you have created a memorable dining experience for your guests, you have created raving fans which will drive the income that you expect to receive.

THE IMPORTANCE OF DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING TO YOUR GUESTS Much of your time, energy, resources and focus need to be put into becoming a better restaurant marketer by creating systematized, measurable marketing. Figure out what you would say to convince someone to dine at your restaurant rather than any other option… and put it in print. Having your guests return and refer friends is the way you can see some of your marketing strategies start to work. Direct response marketing, the type of marketing that makes people take action and respond, needs to be employed in every marketing piece you create. Using the direct response techniques that I use will easily double, triple or even quadruple the average response to any marketing or advertisement. You should figure out ways to make sure your messages evoke a response. Marketing to your restaurant guests creates a relationship that will help you succeed… growing that relationship will grow your success too.

GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! Become part of a mastermind group where you network with forward thinkers and share ideas regularly, where you can ask questions, get opinions and move forward. Get your staff involved also. When they see the increases in sales and their own personal profit, they too will want to become more involved because it impacts them as well. Constantly look and listen for what your guests want. Keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry locally and in other parts of the country. Trade publications and discussion forums can both be a great source. If you feel stuck in a rut, look at your surroundings and join a group of others who will help you move forward. Virtually all top achievers know that to really get ahead…you’ve got to have a coach. Seek out someone that is advanced in the areas you want to excel and engage them to help you succeed as well.

PROFIT THINKING can often lead to change. The people that are most successful are the ones that will change with the times. If you are still thinking of your restaurant in the same way that you did 5, 10 or 20 years ago, you need to stop limiting yourself, your restaurant and your guests! There are many ways to think about, in which your guests want to purchase food and experience a wonderful dining experience. Think big and your profits will meet you there.

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