Eight Critical Reasons to Start Marketing Your Practice Now!

1. Your market is always changing. People move. Neighborhoods evolve. If you give up promoting your service, you fall out of touch with those you hope to serve.

2. People forget-fast. Every day, we’re assaulted by information. People filter out all but their priorities, and arrange those on a “ladder to the brain.” A consistent marketing program lands you at the top of that ladder.

3. Marketing strengthens your identity. The service you provide could be superior…and also the community’s best-kept secret! Get yourself out there in your community.

4. Marketing is a potent reminder. No matter how great your service was, unless you regularly maintain contact, out-of-sight becomes out-of-mind.

5. Consistent marketing puts you ahead of the game. Marketing efforts that come and go don’t work. Developing a long-term plan, funding it, sticking with it, pays off.

6. Marketing gives everyone a lift. Employees and existing patients feel good about patronizing a service well known in the community.

7. It’s an obligation! You owe it to your team, your family, and your retirement program to be a success. And that only comes with persistent marketing. It’s not an expense-it’s an investment in your business and your lifestyle.

8. Marketing represents an investment, not an expense. Regular communication with your patients assures loyalty and referrals.

Choosing the plan that’s right for you.

You need to define what you want for yourself: where you are now and where you want to go. You must choose success-it will not just come to you. How much personal time and effort do you want to invest in marketing your services? All the tangibles (newsletters, stationery, advertising) play only a supporting role. The anchor of your marketing plan is also the personal time you invest in your community.

What is your comfort level with marketing?

How do you feel about direct mail…newspaper ads…savings certificates? Do you have a website with good positioning? Do you still have a Yellow Page presence? The important thing is to present your business in a way that reflects your personality-and fits your comfort zone.
Where to Begin?

Marketing any small business may seem-to the owner-like a daunting task. But really it’s a combination of common sense and experience. The worst thing you can do is to put it off until tomorrow.
Marketing Your Practice builds trust and credibility and provides you the platform to help educate, influence, retain and get referrals from your patients.

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