How to Use Email Marketing For MLM Lead Generation

E-mail Marketing- is the single most important tool in internet marketing for MLM lead generation. This is equivalent to direct mailing online. Many email companies will allow you to send up to 10,000 emails a month for less than $20.

Imagine how much it would cost to send 10,000 letters or postcards. Email most critical part of building your subscriber list.

The Power Of The Opt-In Box

The majority of your visitors that reach your site will not ingest all of your content nor will they buy anything. Why? Because people need to know and trust you or your business before they buy from you.

This results in people needing to see your marketing message (or your content) 4-7 times before purchasing. Repetition then becomes the key.

In the internet marketing world your marketing message is delivered via email. Many people still do not surf the internet as often as the rest of do. Most people however will check their email.

This is where they should find messages from you. However be sure to provide a link back to your website. Never Ever send email without a link back to your website.

They key about email marketing is not only to pre-sell your visitors on your products or services but it also to drive traffic back to your website.

Autoresponders Vs. Broadcasting:

When you first start email marketing you must decide what is the purpose behind your emails and then choose a system to match it. Are you trying to offer current event news and updates or are you trying to sell an eBook or market affiliate programs?

Broadcasting emails service is a service that allows you to blast out emails to your list. These services work particularly well for current news broadcasts. Lets say you have a 1,000 subscribers you type an email hit send and it blasts to your entire list but that’s it for that email.

Autoresponders services like Aweber allow you to pre-write your emails and upload them into your autoresponder with specified time intervals. When someone subscribes to your list they will automatically be sent an email from you. In addition to that they will receive one of your emails at the times intervals that you specified all automatically.

For example lets say you have 24 pre-written emails and your specified interval between delivering emails is every 2 weeks. That means that for every two weeks your customers will be receiving emails from you for the rest of the year.

This also means that whenever someone opts-in they start from the beginning of the process. If “John” opts in today he will start on email number 1, however if “Mary” opted in 6 weeks ago then she would be on email number 3 (emails were sent every 2 weeks). Everyone who opts in starts from the beginning of the process. Most Autroresponder services come with email blasting capabilities so this service will be your best bet.

Text Vs HTML:

A popular question from beginning internet marketers is whether to use text or HTML. First of all what is the difference between text and HTML?

HTML emails are emails that look like little web pages that are delivered straight to your email in box.

Text emails are just that a text email without graphics and just plain text.

Pros of Text Emails:

The beauty of text emails is looks like a message from a friend. If you were to send an email message to a friend it probably wouldn’t be full of graphics and designs.

It would most likely contain just plain text message just as you would text messaging someone on the phone. Another positive factor to text email is that your subscribers are paying attention only too the content since there are no ads or graphics to distract them.

Cons of Text Emails:

They draw back to text is that is may not be as pleasing to the eye as HTML and can become stifling to your readers if your sentences aren’t spaced properly.

Pros of HTML Emails:

The pros of HTML emails is that they are very nice and professional looking. HTML also allows you to offer many products and services in your email message because most HTML emails are designed in section.

Cons of HTML Email:

The biggest drawback to HTML is deliver ability and read ability. Many email filters will not accept HTML emails as they are viewed as spam or many service providers will not allow HTML emails to be opened.

HTML emails also are more commercial looking and are less likely to build a true relationship with your list as a personal text email would. My advice is choose plain text emails they get delivered more often and build relationships easier.

RSS Feeds Vs. Email:

Blogging has become a popular phenomenon in the internet marketing world as marketers use this to present news worthy content. Blogs are read through readers like Google Reader in the forms of RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. This uploads new blog posts to your blog reader.

However the person subscribed to the RSS feed still has to consciously go to their reader to check for any updates. Readers are not as popular and definitely not as habitual as checking emails.

Email on the other hand tends to get read more frequently and are checked more often by your subscribers, which puts more of the marketing control back in your hands. Email marketing out weighs RSS feeds by a long shot.

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