Pirates of MLM Network Marketing! Don’t Let Them Rob Your Dreams! Part 2

This is part 2 of this 2 part article series so if you didn’t read part 1, I suggest you do. In part 1 go into great detail of what and who the first pirate of MLM network marketing is, and how to prevent it from robbing your dreams and success online.

So back to the topic of MLM network marketing pirates. Like I said in part one, most people start their business with large dreams of the lifestyle they will be living. But for 97% of those people, their dreams eventually turning into frustration, discouragement, sadness, doubt and they no longer even think about the dreams they once had at the beginning of their career. So who are these MLM network marketing pirates who steal your dreams and your, chances of success and how do you prevent that from happening to you? Well we already went over the first MLM network marketing pirate and how to prevent it from stealing your dreams and chances of success. So what is the other pirate of MLM network marketing?

The second pirate is the people you surround yourself with. Most people don’t take this pirate seriously, but it is actually the most dangerous and it the biggest threat to you and your business. Who do you spend most of your time with? Do they support you and what you’re doing or do they talk negatively about their experience or what they heard? Are the people you surround your self with going in the same direction you are with your life? All these questions are questions you should be asking yourself because if you decide to surround yourself with not just negative people, but who don’t agree with what your doing or are not headed in the same direction you are in life, then you are you own worst enemy. If your dreams could talk they would ask you, “who side are you on?” You may say and think hanging around the wrong crowd doesn’t effect you because you are focused and know what you want, but it does. An this is how this pirate of MLM network market operates and why 97% of the time it succeeds in stealing dreams and making people fail. Like I said before, most people don’t take this pirate seriously, surrounding themselves with people they shouldn’t and continuously having the wrong seeds planted in their sub conscious mind. So how do you stop this pirate? Simple. Think about people who are successful and who you admire in your life and start spending time with them. Surround yourself with this people constantly. Pick their brain, see how they operate. If you have no one in you life like that, that is headed in the same direction you are, then join social networking clubs or read personal development book or auto biography’s of people. Reading someones book is like having an actual conversation with them. These is the same as surrounding yourself yourself with like minded people in person. Doing this with actually make you begin to think like and develop the habits of these success people. Also plug into training calls, webinars and events. These are other ways to surround yourself with the right people and keep the second MLM network marketing pirate from stealing your dreams and your online success. Don’t under estimate this pirate. Do some of the things I suggested in the article and your success in your MLM network marketing business is guaranteed.

The two MLM network marketing pirates described in these 2 part article are very real. So you must be aware of them and do things to prevent them some stealing your dreams and success in your MLM network marketing business. Never let your guards down and persist until you reach your goals. Doing this and becoming successful won’t be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it.

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